Canon Pixma TR8660 Driver Download

The Canon Pixma TR8660 is a small office, home office all-in-one printer with five ink cartridges for printing up to 4800x1200DPI. The latest version is the Canon TR7660 which has slightly improved features. We will give a little review about the Canon TR8660. and for anyone who needs drivers and software, you can get them at the Canon Pixma TR8660 Driver Download link that we have provided. The Canon Pixma TR8660 has a price range of around $229.

Canon Pixma TR8660 vs TR7660

The TR8660 adds an Ethernet connection, an SD slot, a 4.3″ display (3″ on the TR7660), and uses a bit more power. Apart from that, both have the same printing press and specifications.

Canon Pixma TR8660 Review

I see a lot of printers, and always the HOME OFFICE printer is solid black. It didn’t disappoint. It’s 438 x 351 x 190mm x 7.9kg, but you’ll need to leave room behind (for the rear feed slot and in case of paper jams) and upfront for paper output. You will need at least a table with a depth of 600mm.

It has a small front pull-out paper tray – 100 sheets of 64gsm bond or about 80 sheets of the regular 80gsm. There is also a front output tray that can be pulled out. The rear feed will also pick up the same amount of plain paper. Since it is an almost straight pass-through, it can handle both matte and gloss photo papers up to 300gsm. The ADF scan is one-sided. Build quality is fine for the price of this printer. Sure, the plastic (did I mention black?) apart from the carriage mechanism, but it has to withstand SOHO use.

Canon Pixma TR8660 Setup

The easiest way to set it up is through the app as no one else has a CD player in their notebook (CD provided). You can do this via a PC or by scanning a QR code on a smartphone using the Canon Print Inkjet/Selfie application. Or you can try via touchpad, but it’s much slower.

Canon Pixma TR8660 Specs

Print style

This will perform automatic 2-sided duplex printing (with margins) and single-sided borderless A4 printing. Its duplex printing slows down the device by about 60%.

Print speed

Canon quotes 10ipm (inches per minute) for color and 15ipm for mono. A 4×6-inch postcard print is 37 seconds. An A4 sheet is approximately 11.6″ long. Overall, it’s accurate except that it doesn’t take into account the preprint ‘rasterization’ time – when you press the print button on your PC or Mac until it finishes printing. This is a one-time regardless of the number of copies. It also depends on the complexity of the image, resolution, and processing power of the PC/Mac. The time to print (using an HP 2020 x360 Specter i7) is about 10 seconds plus. Please add this to any number below

  • Mono single – 80gsm reflex, 60 lines, Calibri single line spacing 11 points – 50 seconds
  • Single color – 50% text and 50% color image – 70 seconds
  • Color duplex – as above – 160 seconds

Print quality

The standard provides excellent print quality on the 80gsm Reflex bond, although the ink tends to soak into the paper like this sponge. You get better results with premium 90gsm and even better results with 100gsm coated stock (both will be routed through the front cassette). Unfortunately, that’s about $20 per ream versus $5 for bonds.


Canon claims 45.5dBa. It can go up to 55dB on continuous printing – not too loud.

Canon Pixma TR8660 Ink

It is ‘often said’ that the ink costs per gram more than the best French perfumes! No matter how true this is, it depends on the equation of the cross-section of the print volume and the capital cost per print. Low print volume – one or two reams a year and $229 for the printer – makes sense. High volume – one ream a month – moved the cross line to the more expensive tank printers.

It uses five cartridges. A PGI-680 PGBK, four CLI-681 in CMYK. This gives an edge to photo printing as it handles grayscale better. If you’re a regular shopper, you’ll go to Officeworks and buy five cartridges for $112.78. Or you can get the XL version for $153.90. There’s even an XXL version for $200.

I’ll let you count them because there are so many variables to page count. Suffice it to say that you only replace each cartridge when it’s empty, and you’ll find that mono should be close to 10 cents per page and color under 20 cents per page.

But wait, there’s more. If you’re a savvy shopper and looking for places like InkStation and HotToner, you might find the standard plan for around $85, the XL for $116, and the XXL for $155, including shipping. And if you use a lot of ink, the wholesale price for a 20 pack (4×5) is about $600. But at that point, you’d be better off using the Endurance tank printer. What I would say is to use genuine Canon ink, at least during the warranty.

More Features

  • USB connection
  • Wi-Fi, Wi-Di, and Ethernet Connections
  • SD card up to exFAT SDXC, .Doc, PJEG, TIFF . formats
  • Print from certain clouds (Google, Box, OneDrive, and Facebook)
  • Scan to specified cloud
  • Print from Android and iOS, Windows or Mac

Maintenance, jams

Canon no longer publishes a maximum page per month duty cycle (some brands do), but I don’t see why it can’t afford at least one ream a month and dozens of scans. Maintenance should involve nothing more than the occasional removal of paper dust from the scanning rollers and paper feeders. Keep one thing in mind – if you turn them on and off when you need them, you may end up wasting a lot of money on ink cleaning the print nozzles – so be it!

Note that after you insert a cartridge, it must remain horizontal if you move it. You can remove the cartridge, but the cartridge will release more ink when reinserted.

The Canon TR8660 or TR7660 gives you lots of features at an affordable price. Yes, ink costs can be higher. Once you know your estimated monthly usage, you can search for the best ink plan – start saving even more. I think this is a better investment for families with school-age and even tertiary-age children. It will last five years or more and is reliable for school assignments and work.

Canon TR8860 Rating

Like we start at 8/10 and add points from there. Given the wide range of inks – standard, XL, and XXL, we think Canon has done a lot to address the costs of operating traditional inkjet cartridges.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 (32bit)
  • Windows 10 (64bit)
  • Windows 8.1(32bit)
  • Windows 8.1(64bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later(32bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later(64bit)
  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Sierra
  • OS X El Capitan
  • OS X Yosemite
  • Linux


Canon Pixma TR8660 Driver Download for Windows

  • Download ->>||| Full Driver Set Up Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| MP Drivers Set Up Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| XPS Drivers Set Up Download for Windows

Canon Pixma TR8660 Software Set Up for Windows

  • Download ->>||| Full Software Set Up Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Easy Photo Editor Software Set Up Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 IJ Network Device Setup Utility Set Up Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 IJ Printer Assistant Tool Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Poster Artist Updater Set Up Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 PosterArtist Lite Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Speed Dial Utility Download for Windows


Canon Pixma TR8660 Software Set-Up for Mac

  • Download ->>||| Full Drivers Set Up Download for Mac
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Easy Photo Editor Software Set Up Download for Mac
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 IJ Network Device Setup Utility Set Up Download for Mac
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Speed Dial Utility Download for Mac
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 IJ Scan Utility Lite Set Up Download for Mac


Canon Pixma TR8660 Driver Download for Linux

IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Printer driver for printing using the Canon IJ Printer for Linux

  • Download ->>||| IJ Printer Driver (debian Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Printer Driver (rpm Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Printer Driver (Source file)

IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Scanner Driver for Printing for Linux

  • Download ->>||| ScanGear (debian Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| ScanGear MP (rpm Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| ScanGear MP (Source file)

Canon Pixma TR8660 Manual

  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 User Manual (Windows)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 User Manual (Mac)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 ScanGear MP for Linux (Operation guide)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 IJ Printer Driver for Linux (Operation guide)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TR8660 Getting Started Guide

Canon Pixma TR8660 Setup Instructions for Windows

Download/Installation procedure

  1. Download the file.
  2. Then Double Click, the installation will start automatically.

Canon Pixma TR8660 Scanner Driver:

  1. If the OS is upgraded with the fixed scanner driver installed, scanning by pressing the SCAN button on the printer cannot be done after the upgrade. In that case, reinstall the scanner driver.
  2. When the installation of the MP driver is stopped by the following actions with the connection screen wait, install again. The installation does not finish even if plugged in a USB cable again or turned-on Power Supply again.
  3. The scan from the Scan printer button does not work when the connection is changed from a network connection to a USB connection. Install the MP driver again, and change the connection method.

Canon Pixma TR8660 Setup instructions for Mac

Download/Installation procedure

  1. Download the file.
  2. Please to Double click the downloaded file and Mount it on the disk image.
  3. Double-click the mounted disk image.
  4. Double-click the packaged file in the folder. Installation starts automatically.

How to install a printer with driver downloads from Canon IJ Setup Site

  • Open the printer Canon IJ Setup Website to get the software drivers that match your printer type. On this website there are many drivers so make sure you do not choose the wrong drivers.

In order to more easily search for it using the search bar that there is usually at the top right of the website. Scroll the search results until you find the software driver that is sought and then download.

  • Downloaded Driver usually a winrar file so you need software winrar also to extract it. Right-click the file and click Extract Here so that the files can be extracted in the folder there as well.
  • Locate the setup file > Double click the file to start the install process.
  • The last steps of installation > restart the computer so that the software drivers installed perfectly.
  • After the computer restart, connect the printer with your computer using the default cable to check if the computer is now able to recognize the printer.

For printers that use a Wireless Connection system, make sure you’ve turned on the WiFi and the computer and your printer already connected to WiFi. Now you’re supposed to be able to use your printer.

Install Printer with USB

  • Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable default. In general default printer USB cable is not too long so you have to put the printer near the computer.
  • Turn on your printer. On some printer models are usually after the printer is turned on, the installation process will automatically begin the installation instructions or appear on a computer screen. If your computer does not happen anything like that then do the next step.
  • Click on the Start menu in the lower left corner of the picture of the Windows logo.
  • Click Devices and Printers
  • Click the Add a printer or scanner that is on the top of the screen. Computers will scan the printer connected to the computer.
  • Select the printer model that suits you. If your printer name is not displayed, click The printer that I want isn’t listed. Then click the search button so that the system can scan Your printer driver on your hard drive. You may need to download the driver software if the computer still cannot scan your printer.
  • Please follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish > Restart the computer if prompted. Now, your printer is ready to use.

In addition to the above two ways you can install the printer by means of sharing with the computers that have a CD driver.

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