IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Download

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Setup

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Download – The Canon PIXMA TS5100 Cellular Inkjet All-In-One home printing device, designed to easily manage your entire everyday printing demands, from photos and files to forms, concert seats plus more. Enjoy the ease of printing these by all of your products using:

  • Wi-Fi
  • AirPrint
  • Search engines Cloud Print
  • USB, in addition to even straight from the particular Cloud.

The Canon PIXMA TS5100 is even appropriate with optional XL tattoo cartridges which can aid you save money, print out more when you want to, and extend the particular time between replacing printer ink cartridges. Here you are at easy doc and photo printing, perfect at home.

Wireless Producing
Connect your smartphone, product and all your favourite devices with ease.

Doc Printing
FINE Hybrid Tattoo System is the right in shape between performance, cost in addition to quality for detailed paperwork and photos.

Photo Printer
Print great looking 4″ x 6″, 5″ Back button 7″ as well as 5″ back button 5″ square borderless photographs.

Auto 2-Sided Printing
Along with duplex printing you can easily reduce your paper use and costs up in order to 50%.

Compact Design
Typically the PIXMA TS5100 fits directly into almost any space plus decor with its streamlined compact size.

Convenience Built/in
Find & select the thing you need with an intuitive only two. 5″ LCD user user interface.

Document Removal Reminder
Using the TS5100 you will not lose the original when building a duplicate.

Versatile Document Support
From documents to be able to photos the PIXMA TS5100 has you covered together with both Front & Rear end Paper Support.

The Canon Pixma TS5120 is a basic all-in-one that is made for home use. At a price of $ 70, this inkjet printer is one of the cheapest models in this category. Although the feature set emphasizes simplicity, you get a duplexer to make double-sided prints (features are usually only available on pricier models).

TS5120 has a small body and is black or white. It’s small, 16.8 inches by 12.5 inches wide and 5.8 inches high, and can fit on a table. Without paper loaded, it weighs a little over 14 pounds, light enough so you can move it easily. The small 2.5 inch LCD is only a display, not a touch screen. However, there are physical buttons that facilitate stand-alone operation. This printer does not have an automatic document feeder at the top and each does not have an SD Card slot or a direct USB print port for printing from a memory card or thumb drive.

There is no automatic document feeder above. At the bottom of the chassis is a paper cassette, with the output tray directly above it. The output tray is short and has a narrow tongue that folds at the hinge to support printing. Both the input and output trays feel thin. I found a partial cover for the input cassette that is ready to be replaced.

The paper cassette only handles plain paper and can hold 100 sheets. Behind the unit is a second vertical paper tray. After lifting the paper supports, you can load up to 100 sheets of plain paper or twenty 4-by-6-inch sheets.

Print Speed
TS5120 prints our five-page text document in 36.1 seconds, or 8.3 pages per minute. That’s a rough average speed. For example, our Editor’s Choice, Epson XP-640, is a few seconds faster, at 33.1 seconds.

TS5120 also prints our mixed text documents and color graphics at an average speed. At 2 minutes, 33 seconds (or 2.4 ppm), this printer is much slower than the fastest model we tested (Epson XP-640), which only takes 1 minute, 11 seconds.

TS5120 makes two-sided text prints relatively slowly, at 2.2 ppm, compared with an average of 3.1 ppm. At 4 minutes, 29 seconds, it takes more than one minute longer than average to print our 10-page text document.

However, the TS5120 is one of the fastest models for printing double-sided color documents with mixed text and graphics. Printing our six-page document with a speed of 2.2 ppm, the TS5120 beats almost all other models. At 2 minutes, 47 seconds, TS5120 is 40 seconds faster than an average of 3 minutes, 27 seconds.

TS5120 is also faster than average when printing our test images on high resolution settings on letter-size photo paper. It takes 4 minutes, 3 seconds to do it, or 55 seconds faster than average. However, some other models are significantly faster. The Canon Pixma TS6020, for example, prints the same image in just 1 minute, 54 seconds.

TS5120 prints 4-by-6 pages in 1 minute, 2 seconds at default settings, and in 2 minutes, 3 seconds at Best Quality settings.

Copy and Scan Speed
TS5120 produces an average speed in our copy testing. This copies a black-and-white page in 14.4 seconds, or roughly 1 second faster than average. The Epson XP-640 makes the same copy in 11.8 seconds, while the HP Envy 5540 is significantly slower, at 21.9 seconds.

Making color copies in 29.3 seconds, the TS5120 is just below average, but 10 seconds slower than the Canon Pixma TS6020 which has fast lighting. The Epson XP-640 makes a color copy in 23 seconds.

Scanning in color in 600 dpi format to JPEG format, TS5120 is faster than average, at 61 seconds. Our Editor’s Choice, Epson XP-640, performs this task in only 41.6 seconds. At the other end of the spectrum, the HP Envy 5540 takes 1:31 to do the same scan.

Scanning in black and white to PDF at 300 dpi, the TS5120 is very fast. It only took 7.3 seconds to create a PDF, making the TS5120 the fastest model on this test to date. In comparison, the Epson XP-640 takes 16.1 seconds. This is the only speed test where TS5120 beats our Editor’s Choice.

Print quality
The printed text is quite dark and sharp, although destructive sprays damage some form of letters. Text prints do not quite rival the sharpness of laser printer results, but the quality is quite good. However, duplex text prints appear lighter and grayish compared to single-sided prints.

TS5120 prints very attractive color graphics on plain paper. The color is saturated, looks natural and has lots of fine details. Midtone transition looks smooth. Similar to double-sided text prints, color images printed using a duplexer appear brighter overall; dark areas in particular are printed in lighter colors. Fine midtone transitions and details are retained.

Photographs printed on glossy paper show many fine details, rich saturated colors and fine textures. In our test portrait, skin tones look natural, and in our prints of silent life, the TS5120 reproduces realistic nuances and many fine details.

Copy quality is very high on images, which have a lot of details and very saturated colors. Text copied from plain paper is quite dark and sharp enough, even though copies of the letters are slimmer than glossy magazines with slightly blurred edges.

The scan quality is good and on par with competitor models. Scanned photos have accurate colors, are very saturated and reproduce fine details well. Scanning graphics reproduce the tone range well, even though the text looks more rough at the edges (but, again, is equivalent to the results of competing models).

Cost and Ink Results

TS5120 makes purchasing ink easy, using only two cartridges: black and tricolor. Using a standard cartridge, the estimated printing costs are above average. TS5120 uses 10.6 cents of ink for text pages. In comparison, the Epson XP-640 has a cost per page of only 5.8 cents. The cost of black ink is still above average using XL cartridges, but at 7.7 cents, the TS5120 is still more expensive than most models tested. However, XXL black ink cartridges are available, at a cost of 6.7 cents per page.

With 24.4 cents per color page, TS5120 costs more than average for the model tested. Once again, the Epson XP-640 is much lower, which is 18.8 cents. Using high yield cartridges, the cost of TS5120 per page is 15.7 cents. While it’s almost exactly the same as the 15.6 cent HP Envy 5540, it’s hardly as low as 10 cents the Epson XP-640.

Settings and Software
TS5120 is easy to set up. After removing the packaging tape from the outside and inside the unit, you follow the instructions on the screen until the printer tells you to continue with the “Getting Started” print guide.

Connecting to my PC, my cellphone and my Wi-Fi network is simple. For Wi-Fi, I use the WPS method, pressing the button on my wireless router. The printer, however, is rather slow to make connections.

The all-in-one comes with a CD-ROM, but the print guide directs you to install software from the web. Be warned that if you choose the full installation, it will include My Image Garden, which is a large download that you might not need. The screen initially shows that it will take 7 minutes to download the software, then crashes into it for up to 9 minutes.

My Image Garden does many things, including scanning. But if you already have a photo organizer and photo editor, you might not need this program. I find it difficult to escape once it appears on my Windows desktop, for example.

I find the TS5120 paper registration feature a little confusing. When you take out a paper cassette, you must register the paper type. But when you go to your PC, the paper type doesn’t change unless you have checked the box that says, “Let the application change my printing preferences.”

You can place the TS5120 on your wireless network and use the Canon Print application with your smart device. AirPrint is supported for iOS devices. To set up the TS5120 with my Android phone, I just need to follow the instructions on the printer screen (iOS devices are also supported). It shows the password that I typed on my phone’s touch screen to the Canon Print application. I found myself repeatedly trying to tap on the screen on the TS5120, forgetting it was just a display.

TS5120 starts quickly, doing it in just 6 seconds.

The point
The Pixma TS5120 is a basic all-in-one that offers duplexer and two paper tray flexibility. For a reasonable price, you get a respectable performance in a low price model. However, the lack of touch screen functions makes the stand-alone operation less elegant.

In the end, the lower two-sided print quality is disappointing, and above average ink costs will increase in the long run. For roughly the same price, our Editor’s Pick, Epson XP-640, does almost everything faster and provides lower ink costs – and that includes faster duplex printing, with no print quality problems.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 (32bit)
  • Windows 10 (64bit)
  • Windows 8.1(32bit)
  • Windows 8.1(64bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later(32bit)
  • Windows 7 SP1 or later(64bit)
  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS High Sierra
  • macOS Sierra
  • OS X El Capitan
  • OS X Yosemite
  • Linux


IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Download for Windows

  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Full Drivers & Software Set Up Drivers Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 MP Drivers Set Up Drivers Download for Windows
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 XPS Drivers Set Up Drivers Download for Windows

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Software for Mac

  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Full Software Set Up Drivers Download for Mac
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 My Image Garden Download for Mac
  • Download ->>||| IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 IJ Network Device Setup Utility Download for Mac

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Download for Linux

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Printer driver for printing using the Canon IJ Printer for Linux

  • Download ->>||| IJ Printer Driver (debian Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Printer Driver (rpm Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| IJ Printer Driver (Source file)

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Scanner Driver for Printing for Linux

  • Download ->>||| ScanGear (debian Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| ScanGear MP (rpm Packagearchive)
  • Download ->>||| ScanGear MP (Source file)

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Download & Setup Instructions for Windows

Download/Installation procedure

  1. Download the file. For the location where the file is stored, check your computer settings.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to decompress it, then the installation will start automatically.

Canon Pixma TS5100 Scanner Driver:

  1. If the OS is upgraded with the fixed scanner driver installed, scanning by pressing the SCAN button on the printer cannot be done after the upgrade. In that case, reinstall the scanner driver.
  2. When the installation of the MP driver is stopped by the following actions with the connection screen wait, install again. The installation does not finish even if plugged in a USB cable again or turned-on Power Supply again.
  3. The scan from the Scan printer button does not work when the connection is changed from a network connection to a USB connection. Install the MP driver again, and change the connection method.

IJ Start Canon Pixma TS5100 Driver Download & Setup instructions for Mac

Download/Installation procedure

  1. Download the file. For the location where the file is stored, check your computer settings.
  2. Please to Double click the downloaded file and Mount it on the disk image.
  3. Double-click the mounted disk image.
  4. Double-click the packaged file in the folder. Installation starts automatically.

How to install a printer with driver downloads from Canon IJ Setup Site

  • Open the printer Canon IJ Setup Website to get the software drivers that match your printer type. On this website there are many drivers so make sure you do not choose the wrong drivers.

In order to more easily search for it using the search bar that there is usually at the top right of the website. Scroll the search results until you find the software driver that is sought and then download.

  • Downloaded Driver usually a winrar file so you need software winrar also to extract it. Right-click the file and click Extract Here so that the files can be extracted in the folder there as well.
  • Locate the setup file > Double click the file to start the install process.
  • The last steps of installation > restart the computer so that the software drivers installed perfectly.
  • After the computer restart, connect the printer with your computer using the default cable to check if the computer is now able to recognize the printer.

For printers that use a Wireless Connection system, make sure you’ve turned on the WiFi and the computer and your printer already connected to WiFi. Now you’re supposed to be able to use your printer.

How to Install a Printer with a USB Cable

  • Connect the printer to the computer using the USB cable default. In general default printer USB cable is not too long so you have to put the printer near the computer.
  • Turn on your printer. On some printer models are usually after the printer is turned on, the installation process will automatically begin the installation instructions or appear on a computer screen. If your computer does not happen anything like that then do the next step.
  • Click on the Start menu in the lower left corner of the picture of the Windows logo.
  • Click Devices and Printers. 10 for Windows, click the Setting – Devices – Printers & Scanners.
  • Click the Add a printer or scanner that is on the top of the screen. Computers will scan the printer connected to the computer.
  • Select the printer model that suits you. If your printer name is not displayed, click The printer that I want isn’t listed. Then click the search button so that the system can scan Your printer driver on your hard drive. You may need to download the driver software if the computer still cannot scan your printer.
  • Please follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish > Restart the computer if prompted. Now, your printer is ready to use.

In addition to the above two ways you can install the printer by means of sharing with the computers that have a CD driver.

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